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No Agency SS24 show package models by Eloise Parry
Photography Eloise Parry

No Agency’s models star in a flaming hot doomscrolling nightmare

The alt talent agency’s SS24 show package dives deep into the uncomfortable and kind of insidious relationship we have with refreshing the timeline

No Agency’s SS24 model package goes out to the doomscrollers, which is apt since that’s probably exactly what you’re doing right now – eyes glazed over, jumping from hard hitting news story to dumb AF meme you’ve seen a thousand times, thumb hovering over this article primed and ready to flick up to the next nugget of information you’ll retain for approx. 0.3 seconds before it’s vanquished from your mind as quickly as it entered [but stay with us for a minute? There’s hot photos – literally]. 

Every season, the alt NY model and talent agency – which once turned its back on fashion week altogether – drops an imaginative creative project to get its rising names in front of the right people. With Ben Ditto previously dipping into AI and deep-fakery and Agusta Yr taking signees on a weird virtual trip, founder Alex Tsebelis has also turned out an erotic zine, had his models enrol on a drama workshop, and enlisted Richard Kern snap the stars of the season. And now, he’s gotten photographer Eloise Parry in on the action.

Landing this week comes Parry’s skewed take on our current reality, which sees models stand in front of giant digital screens that scroll through burning landscapes: the world is in flames, and the climate crisis more visceral than ever, and here we are lying on our beds stationary, scrolling it all away. “I’ve been thinking a lot about screen time, or haven’t been, for the last bit of the summer. It’s hot, uncomfortable, unmanageable outside: and I don’t think it’s going to get better anytime soon. The increasing time I spend on screens makes me feel listless. This is the culture predicted in Demonlover,” explains Tsebelis. 

With the screens we hold in our hands on a near permanent basis – for some, even while sleeping – we can go anywhere at any time, and the show package is designed to emulate that feeling. “We are moving through the world - in space and time. In Italy, in Berlin, in England. The place, time, and scale are all in our control. You can’t see it in the photos, but the screen is curved. The models stay in the same place, but we go anywhere. The screen envelops us. It hypnotises us. Eight hours move by almost instantly,” continues Tsebelis. 

“As we get ready to leave the set we all feel conflicted. We mention that we’re going to miss the screen. That we’ve grown attached to it. Everyone agrees. We walk out into the fading afternoon light in Bushwick. Everything changed.“ 

Check out the full package images in the gallery above. And watch the trailer for must-watch Demonlover in the video below.