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Logan Lerman
Logan LermanPhotography Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

A definitive ranking of the white boys of the century

Remember the ‘white boy of the month’ meme? Halima Jibril puts an end to the ongoing debate, once and for all

If you were on the internet during the 2010s, you would’ve heard a lot of discourse about white boys. Particularly, which one should be crowned stan Twitter’s “white boy of the month”. Every month, one lucky white fella would be named Twitter’s chosen one. However, the white boy of the month wasn’t just randomly selected; on the contrary, it was guided by whatever movie or television series that stans on Twitter were enamoured by.

The ’white boy of the month‘ meme is one of those social media trends I remember gleefully participating in when I was younger. I fell hard for people like Timothée Chalamet when Call Me By Your Name came out in 2017 and Noah Centineo’s Peter Kavinsky in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before in 2018. The characters they played were sweet, sensitive and honest, and that added to their beauty.

However, thinking back on this meme today, I can’t help but cringe. Why were we thirsting over white men like that? Where was our decorum? Why did nobody tell us to stand up and get a goddamn grip? White men are already seen as the epitome of beauty, and we all decided to participate in a trend that gassed them up even further. I don’t remember if this trend was done in jest or entirely in earnest, but I will say, as a fangirl at heart, I had a lot of fun participating.

While this trend is mostly dead now, tidbits of the discourse still exist on social media. Just last month, Logan Lerman (a fan favourite) was crowned white boy of the century, along with King Krule and Nicholas Hoult. So we thought we’d end the discourse now and forever by ranking white boys and officially crowning the white boy of the century. Let’s do this one more time, shall we?